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I use she/her pronouns and if you had to develop a personality because of your childhood fugliness, you get me, you really do!

I'm a gay, ADHD-having, award-winning Content Creator, Educator, Creative Strategist on a mission to empower others to show up authentically and leverage their full badassery to create and share ideas that transform, excite, and inspire. 

I'm Gia, 

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I'm Gia, 

Even though I literally can't see typos, I have a BS in Psychology, and a Master’s in Visual Studies. I've also worked with mega-brands like Nike, Adidas, Google, and Pandora, to create meaningful content that resonates. 

I've personally grown my Youtube channel and TikTok to over 100K, launched a chart-ranking podcast, given keynotes to

I'm Gia, 

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Fortune 500 companies, and am currently writing my first book. I believe that being flexible and multi-disciplinary in what we create gives us a chance to express ourselves magnetically with people all over the world who can deeply benefit from who we are and what we know.

I believe you can do this and I'd love to show you how.

Yep, I totally had a cross eye and foo foo bangs, don't be jealous

I'm Gia, 

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So, you're not feeling so shiny lately...

Unlock- Your unique magic, own your full story, and recognize the inherent value you bring

Express - Who you are with clarity, resonance, and authenticity without holding yourself back

Attract- From a place of deep alignment, the people, contexts, and opportunities that are meant for you

Life transitions can be brutal, and maybe in the process you've forgotten your magic. The good news? It's still there, and I can help you find it.
So you can...

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start your journey to become magnetic af

Life Transitions
Are A Powerful Invitation

Whether it's career, family, loss, heartbreak, or starting over, those transitional moments can feel impossible to overcome. 

And yet, they ask us to reflect on who we've been and look to the future into who we want to become.

Reaching these junctions in our life gives us major leverage in finally shifting the old patterns that have been holding us back.

These are Phoenix moments, and if you've been feeling them lately, you're on the right track.

You can't create a diamond without some serious pressure. And believe it or not it's all building a more confident, wise, loving, and insightful version of yourself.

Despite being confident in a lot of ways, I always dealt with imposter syndrome. Before the program, I was afraid to put myself out there. It felt like there was a "right way" to do it that didn't feel like me. I learned so much, but more than anything, I now understand how to be myself, share my message, and help people with my authentic energy and how to make a meaningful abundant business doing it.


Desiree Batiste  

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The program was so much more than I could have ever expected. I was so nervous about making videos before. But now, not only have I been crushing IG reels, but with only 1,700 followers, I've generated over $15k in my Confidence Academy and been able to help some incredible women. I can't recommend Gia's program highly enough!

Kelliana Cole

Confidence Coach,
Amputee, Disability Advocate

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Gia Goodrich is truly an incredible GEM of a person; her heart, integrity, creativity, and genius really come to the fore when she teaches. This program provided guidance, inspiration, and technical knowledge at a level that far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend taking any of Gia's offerings!

Jahala Love

Traditional Indigenous Healer

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Before Gia I was posting to social media in order to find leads and get some business but basically, nothing was coming of it. I was treading water. She helped me narrow down my focus and figure out what I was and wasn't doing. I immediately implemented what she taught me. My views increased by 7-fold and a lot more engagement. I'm really excited!

Anne Koski

Fitness Trainer & Mobility Coach

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Unlock your
unique magic

attract with alignment


We'll dig into your story, your background, and all of the shamey bits you've disowned. I'll show you how to alchemize that into your most magnetic self



Magnetic AFJourney

You'll discover how to tap into your inner authority to identify alignment. You'll then learn how to attract and manifest from that place drawing things too you easily

You'll learn the 5 Expression channel framework to start translating with clarity and authenticity so who you are comes through with resonance



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Declaration Power Pack


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ready to Become magnetic af?

ready to Become magnetic af?

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My Magnetic AF methodology

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You can  springboard into the version of yourself you know you can be, the one that's been dormant or undiscovered so far that's busting at the seams to have her day in the sun. You'll be with a fab community there to support you and your fabulocity.

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