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Every human needs three things...

1) We need to be seen for the full, complex, and idiosyncratic humans we are.

2) We need to feel validated by ourselves and our communities so we know without a shadow of a doubt that we are worthy and inherently of value. 

3) We need to feel inspired to grow, to learn, to express what's in our minds and hearts.

my mission is to empower others to feel all three and then pass it on exponentially

Hi, I'm Gia...

And if you had to develop a personality because of your childhood fugliness, you get me, you really do!

I'm a gay, ADHD-having, award-winning content creator, educator, creative strategist, and Magnetic Thought Leader on a mission to empower others to show up authentically and leverage their full badassery to create and share ideas that transform, excite, and inspire. 
I believe that you as an identity-rich human, whether you're a maker, creator, coach, service provider, entrepreneur, teacher, or anything in between, you have the ability to create a meaningful and abundant life while creating a positive impact on the world. And what's more, you deserve it.

Even though I literally can't see typos, I have a BS in Psychology, and a Master’s in Visual Studies. I've also worked with mega-brands like Nike, Adidas, Google, and Pandora, to create meaningful content that resonates. 
I've personally grown my Youtube channel and TikTok to over 100K, launched a chart-ranking podcast, given keynotes to Fortune 500 companies, and am currently writing my first book.

I believe that being flexible and multi-disciplinary in what we create gives us a chance to express ourselves magnetically with people all over the world who can deeply benefit from who we are and what we know.

I help people unlock their magnetism so they can remember and easily express how fucking amazing they are. 

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