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I help identity-rich humans like you unlock, express, and attract from the most vibrant version of themselves

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Why hello, I'm Gia, & I can see your awesome

We can easily lose sight of our inherent amazingness, but it's there hanging out , ready to be reclaimed

It's easy to compare your behind the scenes to someone's dazzling performance, but no matter how polished and effortless it may seem, expressing ourselves magnetically is an art, a discipline, and a skill that's totally learnable. I teach people just like you how to see their true magnetic self and then translate that brilliance with full authentic sparkatality (yes, that's. a word I made up). No matter your stories about why you can't (and believe me I've heard them all), I promise there's a magnetic spark inside you waiting to be expressed.

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If you're ready to get started I have an amazing masterclass where you'll learn  the keys to tapping into your magnetic energy and reconnecting with your most bold and vibrant self. I'll also send you my 6 favorite tools for getting started.

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This spoke to me! I definitely have stopped documenting my life due to changes in my body. Your words, literally made me tear up. Thank you so much for this!

Steffanie Williams

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"You have made me stop being afraid of "taking up space!" Thank you. I'm beginning to feel beautiful again."

L Sullivan

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" GIRL I FUCKING NEEDED TO HEAR THIS. I've done premed, Psychology, biz management, UX design, marketing strategy, I dance and sing well and I have felt so scattered, even though I help others. OMFG, this was so validating."


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" Here I am again, listening to a woman whose content doesn't interest me, yet I have subscribed to, liked, and belled. I know it's because she has "it that certain something that is hard to describe. Gia has charisma and I've learned so many things so far."

Ruby Nibs

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"Thank you so much for your keynote, It was Amazing. I had a viscerally positive reaction hearing so much of this and I so appreciate your authenticity!"

rebecca sader  

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The Podcast to reawaken your greatness

Ever wonder what's going on in the minds of the bold, brilliant, successful, generous, game-changes you read about? Between the milestones and accolades, are real, complex, identity-rich humans who have amazing stories to tell. Each week award-winning creative powerhouse Gia Goodrich dives deep into conversations with some of our world's most fascinating individuals on the quest to understand how we can all be better in living into the fullness of who we are and have a positive impact.


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On my Youtube channel and Tiktok I create lots of free content with tips and strategies for expressing your magnetism, communication, and mindset. To date they have over 9 million views.

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