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Powerful reflections and insight about what you’d most like to know, in a reading you get to keep forever.

Personalized In-Depth Session Sent to Your Phone to Watch On-Demand

These readings allow me to tap into your energy remotely based on a few questions you submit upon booking. I then record a 45min reading based on your energy and questions for you to receive in divine timing.

Tarot is big of an art and a science, so the readings are often surprising and full of guidance from non-physical energies including your higher self, angels, passed loved ones, and guides.

I'm Gia, 

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I use she/her pronouns and if you had to develop a personality because of your childhood fugliness, you get me, you really do!

I'm a gay, ADHD-having, award-winning Content Creator, Educator, Creative Strategist turned Psychic Intuitive and I'm on a mission to empower others to tap into their full expression, power, and purpose because we've been socialized to play small and doubt ourselves instead of standing in our full brilliance to be recognized...

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I used to battle it out with hustle, grind, and forcing my way to my achievements. And a few life...corrections later (like major burnout and a debilitating back injury), I've been thrusted into the world of energetics and intuition.

We've been socialized to be cut off from our power and to give it away to institutions and individuals who don't get us. I'm here to fix that, and help you remember your wisdom and share it with the world.

Yep, I totally had a cross eye and foo foo bangs, don't be jealous


Imagine receiving the guidance you most need to hear from an unbiased and loving source to support you in your questions
and direction.

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how a tarot session works


You get to watch and re-watch your reading as well as send a response if you’d like.


You select your delivery window and add your details including questions or areas of focus for your reading.


I tap into your energy remotely and record your in-depth reading to provide guidance and clarity.


When it’s ready, you’ll receive a conversation invite to Marco Polo where you’ll find your reading.

Life Transitions
Are A Powerful Invitation

Whether it's career, family, loss, heartbreak, or starting over, those transitional moments can feel impossible to overcome. 

And yet, they ask us to reflect on who we've been and look to the future into who we want to become.

Reaching these junctions in our life gives us major leverage in finally shifting the old patterns that have been holding us back.

These are Phoenix moments, and if you've been feeling them lately, you're on the right track.

You can't create a diamond without some serious pressure. And believe it or not it's all building a more confident, wise, loving, and insightful version of yourself.

When you're going through it, external guidance can help you align with your power and upgraded perspective.

Healing energy that can awaken and deepen your own intuition and gifts so you can strengthen your relationship to self and source.  

intuition activations

what to expect from your session

Details and nudges that “shouldn’t” be able to happen that let you know it’s for you and you specifically.

Wild synchronicities

Words and phrases that soothe, resonate, and restore your faith in where you’re headed and how to get there with ease and joy.

Affirming messages

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Tarot Guidance

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Tarot Guidance

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I trust that those who find me are aligned with my energy and can benefit from the guidance I’m able to bring. Therefore, should you receive your reading and feel that it wasn’t the connection and guidance you needed, you can request a refund within 48 hours of receiving your reading and I will happily give that to you.

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intuitive tarot guidance

If it feels like a fit for you, I would be honored to reflect what is in your highest good to hear.

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Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram and I'll be happy to talk you through what's coming up. There's never any pressure from me.  Clarity is always a wonderful thing. : )